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MultiGeneGraft is a long-lasting, biosynthetic vascular graft lined with the patient’s own endothelial cells, modified to provide improved biocompatibility. MultiGeneGraft serves as a prosthetic conduit in PAD patients undergoing bypass surgery or as an access site for patients with renal disease that need hemodialysis.
The failure rate of uncoated small caliber synthetic grafts is high. Many of the grafts are occluded soon after transplantation by  thrombosis and neointimal formation. Coating these grafts with endothelial cells improves their patency. Our studies show that in order to obtain prolonged patency, the graft inner lumen must be effectively coated with endothelial cells. MGVS MultiGeneGrafts are seeded with the patient's own endothelial cells after ex vivo gene modification to improve cell adhesion to the graft, enhance endothelial cell proliferation, and reduce graft failure by inhibiting neointimal formation.


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